Thursday, December 1, 2011

I opened my blog thinking that I had things to share with you all, but alas, here I sit and I don't know what I was going to say.  I am sitting in my room, listening to music and editing some photos that I took today on my NEW CAMERA!!  I am ABSOLUTELY in love with it and I still have so much to learn about it.  I feel like I need to take an entire day and actually read the manual, but I will most likely just pretend I know what I am doing and take it out anyway haha. 
Lots of exciting/ sad things happening in the next month.  My program is about a month away from being over.  How crazy is that?!  I am excited with what is to come after my program is over.  I am moving into an apartment with my roommate and I am going part time at Downtown Disney.  One of my best friends from the first part of my program is coming back to do a second program and I am super excited about that.  On the sad side, people from this part of the program are going to leave.  Unfortunately, that is the nature of the program, as one group leaves a new group comes in. 
But formal is on Monday so I am super excited about that and service celebrations are happening again. 
Well as it seems, I had more to say that I thought I did.  I am pretty impressed with myself.  I hope this find you all well. And I am gonna write or vlog after formal!! 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Good Morning Everyone.

I was going to make a video on my day off the other day, but it just didn't happen.  I have some exciting news to share!  There have been lots of very exciting things happening lately.
Exciting thing number one- I am now trained to work at Downtown Disney.  This happened a few months ago and I love it! I work in the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.  So I get to take pictures of the little princesses getting their transformation.  Then I also work in the studio, taking pictures of the princesses after they get their make overs. I really really like it over there. 
Exciting thing number 2- I won best Halloween photo at Downtown Disney.  I unfortunately don't have a copy of the photo but it i pretty rad!  It is of two girls in their Harry Potter robes having a wand fight.  My brother would be so proud.
Exciting thing number 3- I am going part time at Downtown Disney once my program is over!!! Yayy I have a job once my program is over. 
Hmmm I feel like I had more to tell you all.  I really hope people still read this.  I know that I barely update it anymore.  I am going to try and do better through the holiday season because a lot of really great things are happening because of the holidays.

I hope everyone is doing well. I miss you all.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

30 day disney challenge.

I know I failed at my last one... but I am gonna do this one.  It is a bit different.

DAY 1: Favorite Park (NOT including Water Parks)
DAY 2: Favorite Water Park
DAY 3: Favorite Hotel/Resort
 DAY 4: Favorite Ride (ever!) at Magic Kingdom
 DAY 5: Favorite Ride at Hollywood Studios
DAY 6: Favorite Ride at EPCOT
DAY 7: Favorite Ride at Animal Kingdom
 DAY 8: Favorite Show at Hollywood Studios
DAY 9: Favorite Show at Animal Kingdom
DAY 10: Favorite Restauant at Magic Kingdom
DAY 11: Favorite Restaurant at Hollywood Studios
DAY 12: Favorite Restaurant at EPCOT
 DAY 13: Favorite Restaurant at Animal Kingdom
DAY 14: Favorite Quick Serve/Snack at Magic Kingdom
 DAY 15: Favorite Quick Serve/Snack at Hollywood Studios
 DAY 16: Favorite Quick Serve/Snack at EPCOT
DAY 17: Favorite Quick Serve/Snack at Animal Kingdom
 DAY 18: Favorite Land at Magic Kingdom
DAY 19: Favorite Country in EPCOT
DAY 20: Favorite Continent/Area in Animal Kingdom
 DAY 21: Favorite Restaurant in a Resort
DAY 22: The Castle, Tree of Life, Sorcerors Hat, or Globe?
 DAY 23: Best Rollercoaster
DAY 24: Scariest Ride
DAY 25: Happiest Ride
DAY 26: Least Favorite Restaurant in the Parks or Resorts
DAY 27: Best Parade
DAY 28: Best Festival (Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween, EPCOT Food and Wine Fest.. ect.)
DAY 29: Favorite Spot to see Characters
 DAY 30: Favorite Spot in All of the ‘World’

My Favorite Park is without a doubt EPCOT!!! I know it sound crazy, but I have had a lot of fun at my park.

Friday, October 21, 2011

What? You mean there is a new post?!

I am sorry guys.  I failed at this so bad.  But, for those of you out there who still pay attention to this, I have a present for you.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011


Well, I told you all that I would not be good at this.  I might have been better, but things have been crazy here lately.
I worked my very first Extra Magic Hours last week.  For those of you who don't know what those are, they are extra hours the parks are open for the guests who are staying at the hotels on property.  Our Extra Magic Hours mean we are open until midnight.  The hours switched to different days for the 2 weeks that lead up to Easter.  So I am totally okay not working them again.  But really, I lucked out because if I worked at Magic Kingdom like my roommates their Extra Magic Hours go till 3am.  So.... WINNING!  hahaha
Tonight is our CP Formal.  I am sooo excited!  We have an excuse to get all dressed up and go out and dance the night away.  The theme is villains and I am quite excited that the villains are gonna be there.  Tonight should be a great night. 
On Wednesday we are having a CP fun day with the group of CP's from Epcot Photopass.  I am not sure what we are doing, but I have heard a backstage tour of Soarin', which would be awesome!
Well I am slowing started to get ready for formal.  I just painted my nails and I need to do laundry before tonight. 
I hope everyone is doing well. 

Thursday, March 31, 2011

rain, rain, go away

I am sitting here on my couch as I write this, and it is raining outside.  I feel like I have wasted a whole day because of this rain.  What does one do when it is raining outside and they are in no way shape or form prepared for the rain? You stay in and watch movies all day.  It is quite relaxing, but at the same time, I feel like I need to do something.  I would love a hot coffee or some delicious thai chicken noodle soup. MMMM that sounds so good.  Mom, if you are reading this, please make me some and send it out here!!!!  It has been made quite clear that I need to go buy some rain gear or even more importantly, rain boots.

Things here have been going wonderful, with the exception for the rain that has been happening all week.  I still love my job and everything about life here. Nothing too new to report.  I know I am horrible at this. I hope people are still reading this and finding it enjoyable.