Saturday, October 22, 2011

30 day disney challenge.

I know I failed at my last one... but I am gonna do this one.  It is a bit different.

DAY 1: Favorite Park (NOT including Water Parks)
DAY 2: Favorite Water Park
DAY 3: Favorite Hotel/Resort
 DAY 4: Favorite Ride (ever!) at Magic Kingdom
 DAY 5: Favorite Ride at Hollywood Studios
DAY 6: Favorite Ride at EPCOT
DAY 7: Favorite Ride at Animal Kingdom
 DAY 8: Favorite Show at Hollywood Studios
DAY 9: Favorite Show at Animal Kingdom
DAY 10: Favorite Restauant at Magic Kingdom
DAY 11: Favorite Restaurant at Hollywood Studios
DAY 12: Favorite Restaurant at EPCOT
 DAY 13: Favorite Restaurant at Animal Kingdom
DAY 14: Favorite Quick Serve/Snack at Magic Kingdom
 DAY 15: Favorite Quick Serve/Snack at Hollywood Studios
 DAY 16: Favorite Quick Serve/Snack at EPCOT
DAY 17: Favorite Quick Serve/Snack at Animal Kingdom
 DAY 18: Favorite Land at Magic Kingdom
DAY 19: Favorite Country in EPCOT
DAY 20: Favorite Continent/Area in Animal Kingdom
 DAY 21: Favorite Restaurant in a Resort
DAY 22: The Castle, Tree of Life, Sorcerors Hat, or Globe?
 DAY 23: Best Rollercoaster
DAY 24: Scariest Ride
DAY 25: Happiest Ride
DAY 26: Least Favorite Restaurant in the Parks or Resorts
DAY 27: Best Parade
DAY 28: Best Festival (Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween, EPCOT Food and Wine Fest.. ect.)
DAY 29: Favorite Spot to see Characters
 DAY 30: Favorite Spot in All of the ‘World’

My Favorite Park is without a doubt EPCOT!!! I know it sound crazy, but I have had a lot of fun at my park.

Friday, October 21, 2011

What? You mean there is a new post?!

I am sorry guys.  I failed at this so bad.  But, for those of you out there who still pay attention to this, I have a present for you.