Thursday, November 18, 2010


It is official!  I HAVE ROOMMATES!!!!!  I am so so so so excited to know my roommates ahead of time.

So this is how it happened.  I joined the DCP (Disney College Program) facebook group for the spring 2011 season mayybe about 3 weeks ago.  I have been chatting with people about my arrival date and seeing what role everyone got.  All sorts of exciting stuff!  I stumbled upon a post by a girl who was over the age of 21 (just like me! ahah) and was not a huge drinker (again, just like me!!) and wanted to hopefully room with people like her.  Well, I replied to the thread myself and started adding some of these girls as friends, thinking that if I can room with anyone of them, that would be awesome.  And if I couldn't, at least I could have some friends who were like me (a nice girl).  This morning I was talking to a girl and asked if they needed a roommate and, it turns out that she and 3 other girls were looking for someone JUST LIKE ME!  She told me that she needed to talk to the other girls and I made the cut!!  So now I have roommates!  We are going to plan a skype date sometime soon so we can all chat.  Hopefully we can meet up once we get there before check in! This is making this all so real.  I am just counting down the days till the program starts.... which is still 68.  haha

Hope everyone is having a magical day!!! <3